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Revival of the Magic Knight Rayearth Fanfic Comm
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August 2007
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Milieva [userpic]

Title: Slander
Theme: The Greatest Evil
Rating: G (OMG!)
Warnings: No smut
Characters/Pairings: Caldina
Summary: Caldina is trying to fight off her worst enemy...her tongue.

Freshly manicured nails drummed the table for what had to be the twentieth time. Caldina was beside herself with frustration. On one hand she had a serious gambling problem. On the other, she couldn’t live until she shared what ever tiny thread of gossip she heard.

Why had she fallen for this evil plot of Presea’s. The timing was horrible. Not even a day after she was teetering on the edge of losing the wager.

That Pharle was evil incarnate.

This was just killing her. She wanted to tell what she had just spent the past twenty minutes squeezing out of Fuu. Why had she worked so hard for information she couldn’t share?

This had to be a conspiracy. Yes, that was it. Presea was going to trick her into losing this bet by planting information.

But Fuu couldn’t be in on it. Could she?

No, no, no… this was just too good. You can’t make up a story like this one.

Wait ‘til she told Presea.

No, she couldn’t do that. If she told Presea, then she would have to pay up, and there were much better things she had planned to spend that money on.

But this was just so unbelievable. It was just outrageous enough to be true.

She just had to tell Presea.

If it was completely true, it wouldn’t count as gossip, right? Especially if she got the information first had, not second or third, right? Maybe if she went to the source of this insane rumor… That was it, she would go ask Umi about it.

The dancer nearly flew as she ran down the corridor toward the knights’ wing. This was the most exciting thing she had heard since the whole scandal in the court of Chizeta.

Damn that Presea. She had an awfully nasty streak to trick her like this.

I have plans for the Distraction challenge as well. Down, it's the Chizeta fic. ^.~

Current Music: "If You're Gonna"- Natasha Bedingfield

you've posted ALREADY??? O_O

...heh. XD Aaah, Caldina! *giggling* hee. That was fun. ^^ (Caldina-Presea friendship is nice to see, too. *hugs it*)

I'm trying not to speculate wildly on the rumour that she's heard... XD


*flees to write more* *...given state of coherency, that may be a BAD IDEA. Needs more tea.*

Caldina, the one woman rumor mill. Mils... :: hooded eyes :: what is the rumor? :: loom ::

I'll give you a hint. This story takes place seventeen months before the distraction fic.

woooo, bad clef.


...I think that particular icon may be all the 'hint' you need to give? XD

Yes, but that had started few months before. ^.~ *cough*