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Revival of the Magic Knight Rayearth Fanfic Comm
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Milieva [userpic]

I am extending the deadline.....again. Mid September, anyone? POST DAMN IT!!!!!

And then I have a fic of my own to post. A little drabble really, but still, something that fits the goof catagory.

Title: If You Can’t Stand the Heat.
Author: Milieva
Rating: G
Pairing: Umi/Clef
Challenge: A Goof
Summary: Things go awry in the kitchen.

Umi doubled over clutching her stomach.Collapse )

(Posting for Ragyn who has little internet access at the moment.)

Because everyone is insanly busy at the moment, the current challenge is extended for the month of June as well. New deadline: Midnight of June 30th.

The challenge is either "Greatest Good" or "A Goof" (a blunder of some kind)

Come on and enter, people! What could be a better form of procrastination than Rayearth fanfic? ^_^

Ragyn [userpic]

Someone had to do it and since Im finally free, heh, might as well step up!
I think a choice was a great idea, so I'll keep with Mil's first post and have two challenges (either or, or both) in case someone finds one more interesting and titalating than the other. Lets try to keep this baby active!

A previous challenge was "The Greatest Evil" however this time I'd like to go with the verso. What can you come up with... with the: "Greatest Good"

"A Goof" (a blunder of some kind)

Cut off: All entries must be in by midnight 31st of May. Or the day of May 30th.

Milieva [userpic]

Okay, so having given in to temptation, I have watched the new run of Doctor Who, and as such, most of you know I spent yesterday grieving the finale. So a bit more than a day late, I present voting.

As there are so few entries we shall combine the last two topics to one vote.


Greatest Evil
Slander by milieva
The Hot Springs Incident by ragyn


Read the Nutrition Facts Next Time by suzanami
Small Mischievous Hands by milieva
Succulently Enamored by rabyn
The Gruffin by _d_o_w_n_

The Award Categories:

Best Use of Topic
Most Amusing
Personal Favorite

I'll post the results after this weekend. You have until them to vote. I'll tag the next topic maker, or someone else can just post a challenge and a new deadline.

...I have no idea where this came from. (Possibly my need for something soft and fluffy to distract me. Course choices for last year at university... eek.) And I wrote it all this evening, so I'm posting before I look at it tomorrow and go WHAT were you ON? so I get at least one thing in for this challenge. XD This as Clef's background is not in my version of fanon, either. Or it wasn't...

Title:The Gruffin
Theme: distraction
Rating: PG? (...possibly a G. O_o)
Warnings: young!Clef. Backstory that has barely any grounding in canon. (Except for some of Clef's issues, I suspect.) ...Griffins? ^^
Characters/Pairings: Clef. ...and something else. XD (It's a pity this isn't for the other challenge, I think I found the most minor character of the lot, really. XD)
Summary: A young boy makes a friend in the woods, and it follows him home...
Wordcount: 2,454 (This is me doing short. >.>)

The brighter sparks in a bright sky faded outCollapse )

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Ragyn [userpic]

Title: Succulently Enamored
Theme: Distraction
Rating: PG-13 (?? I totally was like omg, the word play so ehhh... pg-13?)
Warnings: IF devouring food makes you uncomfortable, please do not proceed.
Characters/Pairings: Clef, Umi, Ascot
Summary: Umi partakes of ripe fruit on a warm summer day.

Succulently EnamoredCollapse )

Thoughts of food seems in pair with Distraction!

Milieva [userpic]

I had promised a slightly different fic than this one, but this hit me while I was letting a teacher go on break from the toddler room. My Maddie stood up in the missl of naptime and looked at me over the bookshelf saying "dada" rather loudly. I had to keep her distracted while the others slept, thus inspiring this fic, which was scribble in my notebook, while she was in my lap.

Title: Small Mischievous Hands
Theme: Distraction
Rating: G (again? wow!)
Warnings: Not the Chizeta fic
Characters/Pairings: OC(Satomi), Umi, OC(Naoko)
Summary: Satomi pressures Umi into coming to their study group...only Umi is incharge of Nao that day

It was going to be a long dayCollapse )

Okay, so I didn't mean to lie about the Chizeta fic, it is still being worked on.

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❝ M A U R E E N ❞ [userpic]

Title: Read the Nutrition Facts Next Time
Theme: "Distraction"
Rating: G
Warnings: crappiness?
Characters/Pairings: Clef, Hikaru, Umi, Fuu.
Summary: Hikaru shares a bit of Japanese culture with Clef.

So it's food then.Collapse )

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Ragyn [userpic]

Title: The Hot Springs Incident
Theme: "The Greatest Evil"
Rating: PG
Warnings: Violence threatened against marshmallow fluff
Characters/Pairings: Mokona, Presea, Clef
Summary: Presea deals relentlessly with a strange entity known as Mokona.

The Hot Springs IncidentCollapse )

Note: Reposting from mkr_contest to here!

Milieva [userpic]

Title: Slander
Theme: The Greatest Evil
Rating: G (OMG!)
Warnings: No smut
Characters/Pairings: Caldina
Summary: Caldina is trying to fight off her worst enemy...her tongue.

The timing was the problemCollapse )

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